European Venture Capital Network Charter

1. Name & purpose

The name of this organisation shall be “European Venture Capital Network”, abbreviated as “European VC Network” or “EVCN”. The purpose is to promote professional and social networking between venture capital (VC) investment professionals in Europe. The European VC Network does not act as a representative body for its Members and no Member may act as a spokesperson for other Members.

2. Organisation

The Officers shall be the Chairman, Treasurer, Admitting Officer and up to three others who collectively constitute the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee must have at least three officers to be quorate. The Officers must be Members of the European VC Network. The European VC Network is led by the Steering Committee.

The European VC Network comprises Local Chapters led by Local Representatives. To enable a consistent community, Local Chapters will comply with Steering Committee rules on areas including membership criteria, purpose, marketing, significant partnerships and contracts. Apart from these areas, Local Chapters operate largely independently and the Steering Committee will not interfere with the day-to-day operations or the detailed organisational structure. The formation of Local Chapters is encouraged and the Steering Committee will provide support and advice where possible.

3. Membership

Members must be investment professionals focused on private equity or venture capital investments either at dedicated investment funds or within broader organisations. Membership is limited to buyside investment professionals only and does not include external advisers. Subject to the above criteria, admission to membership can be granted by any of the Officers. Private investors (“business angels”) may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

4. Not for profit

The European VC Network is not for profit.

5. Elections and impeachment

New Officers shall be elected by a unanimous vote of the Officers. The Chairman and the Treasurer are elected from the existing Officers by a unanimous vote of the

An Officer can be impeached by a unanimous vote of all Officers excluding the Officer to be impeached, provided there remain at least three officers after such an impeachment.

6. Amendments

This charter can be amended through a unanimous vote of the Steering Committee.

7. Liabilities

All interests of a Member in the funds, capital, and assets of the European VC Network shall immediately cease in the event that membership of such Member shall terminate for whatever reason,
except in the event of dissolution of the organisation.

In the event of termination of the membership, the Member concerned shall not have the right to bring a claim against the European VC Network or the other Members on account of such assets.