Mai 2011: Speaker Event with Dr. Hellmut Kirchner


This time the VC-boutique BambooVentures invited a well-known expert to talk about the German Angel- and VC-Market: Dr. Hellmut Kirchner shared his experiences with us on his direct investments in emerging businesses. Dr. Kirchner has been working in the Venture business for more than 30 years and is considered as one of the most influential German Business […]

March 2011: Speaker Event with Stefan Kalteis

Stefan Kalteis

We invited an expert to discuss about incubators. Stefan Kalteis shared with us his experiences in building up the successful incubator i5invest. #  from VC to Incubator: highlighting differences based on Stefan’s on the job experience #  from Incubator to successful companies: learnings from successful and unsuccessful attempts at i5invest #  from Incubator to VC: […]

Febuary 2011: EVCN goes Skiing for the Weekend

EVCN skiing

A good group of 15 Germany and Abroad based VCs went for a 3 day skiing outing to Kitzbühel in the Austrian Alps. It has been a perfect mix: hitting down the slopes as a crowd of surprisingly good skiers, interesting discussions on hot venture capital topics during dinner events and having fun crashing the […]

2010 Final Speaker Event: Both Sides of the Table!

Kurt Müller

EVCN Munich program finished up with another highlight of the year 2010: “Company building – Different perspectives of founders vs. VCs” Kurt Mueller (Managing Partner at Target Partners) knows both sides. He founded his company Dataware Technologies in 1986, raised VC capital, brought his firm public (NASDAQ) and continued to be CEO for 6 years […]

September 2010: First Speaker Event in Munich

LMU Entrepreneurship Center Porträts

On September 15th the Munich EVCN chapter organized its first speaker event. Rolf Dienst from Wellington Partners who has been playing a key role in shaping the German VC landscape shared some of his war stories and gave us a close insight into his lessons learned of his 30 years venture capital experience. We had […]

Oktoberfest EVCN GeTogether 2010


Thanks to Robert we made it happen! -The more or less impossible thing once a year during Oktoberfest in Munich. We catched a table for the EVCN crowd at the Hippodrom tent on Friday afternoon (24.11.10). The table was limited to the first 10 EVCN members who signed up. A couple of members from London […]

May 2010: EVCN Munich Chapter


The EVCN Munich chapter has recently been set up by a small team of Munich based VC’s. The brand new Munich chapter is quickly catching up with other European chapters. The first event took place one week after the initiative was born on Tuesday, 11th May 2010 @ 6pm. In Munich’s “Brenner” a Grill-Pasta-Bar 12 […]